#SmartKids Basic

Price: 29,00

Recurrent payment

#SmartKids Basic is our answer to the needs of children who want to know and understand more. As part of the subscription, you will receive a box with experiments that will satisfy the curiosity of young explorers.


Enter the world of science with us in an educational program developed by a team of Polish scientists from the Polish Academy of Sciences. Did we mention that learning with us is based on STEM standards (science, technology, engineering, mathematics)?


At SmartBee Club, we translate science through phenomenons that take place in the world around. All that comes in boxes full of scientific experiments for children and their parents. In addition Fizzy and Beezy will show you the fun side of chemistry, biology, physics, and other superpowers of science. Join the fun! Chcek our subscription packages:


29 EUR/month for 24 months
3 months
28,40 EUR/month
Save 4,5 EUR – Pay 85,20 EUR
6 months
26,92 EUR/month
Save 17,90 EUR – Pay 161,50 EUR
12 months
23,92 EUR/month
Save 71,80 EUR – Pay 287,00 EUR

Discover #SmartKids subscription science project for kids

Educational experience packaged in our children’s kits are, above all, great fun for young scientists. They are also a source of STEM knowledge given in the form of intriguing curiosities and extraordinary examples of applications of the discussed scientific issues.

Our goal is to help kids discover and conquer the world. Join us and help us build a community open to new technologies, which, if used well, will not only be a “time eater” but will become an important tool supporting development.

By combining science with play in the fascinating world of experiments for children, we disenchant it by showing what is often not visible with the naked eye and adding a smile to the word education. Let us teach children wisely because they are the creators of tomorrow in which we will live together.

What’s in the box?
  • Reagents and accessories needed to perform experiments
  • AR (augmented reality) card if applicable to a set
  • Safety instruction
  • Manual with video trivia, available online


The first STEM kits empowered by Augmented Reality


Additional informations

Subscription boxes in order:

Box no. 1: A Chemical Garden – View experiment
Box no. 2: Magnet Eater – View experiment
Box no. 3: Photosynthesis – View experiment
Box no. 4: Lemon Battery
Box no. 5: Catapult
Box no. 6: Coal Snakes
Box no. 7: Pneumatic Crane
Box no. 8: Electromagnet
Box no. 9: Volcano
Box no. 10: Microbiome
Box no. 11: Strawberry DNA Isolation
Box no. 12: Electroscope
Box no. 13: The Disappearing Salt
Box no. 14: Fingerprint Testing
Box no. 15: Newton’s Cradle
Box no. 16: Solar Powered Car
Box no. 17: Travelling Colours – View experiment
Box no. 18: Electrolysis
Box no. 19: Magnetic Levitation
Box no. 20: The Disappearing Blue
Box no. 21: Rocket Launcher
Box no. 22: Get Closer to the Stars
Box no. 23: Trial by Fire
Box no. 24: Faraday Cage