Our mission

We aim to connect children and science in rich and smart experience

The story

How to connect science and fun

Looking at how our children learn the world during everyday games, we decided to help them to acquire knowledge in more demanding fields. We went from idea to implementation. We sought the help of scientists from the Polish Academy of Sciences and together we worked to create somtehing extraordinary. This is how our science sets for children were created.

We deliver:

  • High product quality and safety of use;
  • working method based on STEM, which significantly affects the efficiency of learning and memorizing;
  • using AR (augmented reality) technology to present processes that cannot be seen with the naked eye;
  • didactic support in the development of children and youth;
  • great time spent together.

Using creative science experiments for kids yields great results. We know it from our own experience. There`s no better source of pride than watching our own kids outsmart us in fields we thought we were better at. Are you ready to join us? It`s worth it wecause we aim to:

  • Disenchant science – we explain phenomena in chemistry, physics or biology in a simple and friendly way. Our sets contain everything you need to make learning challenge a pleasure. We illustrate the occurring phenomena not only in the descriptions but also in other materials enriching the boxes. Don`t foget AR mobile app – it also gives a nice boost to the experience we created.
  • For us children are the creators of tomorrow – based on the latest research in the field of psychology and experience of educators, we have created an educational program thanks to which children learn how, when and where to use sciences to create the world of the future.
  • Create a community open to new technologies – smartphone or tablet are becoming a learning tool. Augmented reality, three-dimensional holograms, interactive materials are for us the power of technology that we introduce to children.
  • Help to discover and conquer the world through science – we stimulate the desire to explore and support the understanding of the world around us in order to inspire young minds.
  • Show what is not visible – thanks to knowledge and technology we reach to the micro scale showing phenomena occurring there. The rest of the work will be done by children’s imagination, which accompanied all the great explorers.

SmartBee Club Smart Bee Club is a wonderful way to spend time. Preschoolers from Kinder Centrum educated in the Montesorri method are delighted with the possibility of independent experience and experimenting with SmartBee boxes. The prepared materials are clear and interesting for children, and the accompanying expert instructions are understandable for children. Experiments can be performed by a child alone or in a group, so we recommend them as a perfect gift for any occasion.


SmartBee Club Shifting from SmartBee Club is an innovation in the world of experiments for early school children. This is a science kit for children, explaining extreme metamorphoses in the world of science enriched by augmented reality technology - AR.


SmartBee Club This subscription service will give you much more than Netflix or HBO GO. SmartBee Club is a great idea!


SmartBee Club Wonderful time spent with the child! Learning through play and all the elements of the set are made very carefully! As my 10-year-old son said: "this set deserves to be called the toy of the year".

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Our scientific subscription for kids won the Toy of the Year 2020 award in Poland. Positive comments from users are an invaluable source of motivation for us and the mission we carry out.

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Is SmartBee Club for your child?

  • The experiments are designed by scientists associated with the Polish Academy of Sciences and self-tested by children.
  • They are designed for children curious about the world, aged 6+.
  • Science for children? Yes, but by playing so that the first contact with exact sciences would be a great adventure.
  • We focus on equal opportunities in the development of perception and logical thinking for kids.
  • We tame technology, which is the tool of the future.
  • Family entertainment with a solid portion of knowledge – this is a shared time spent in a valuable way.

Science Technology Engineering Math

We help parents develop the potential of their children by using the STEM methodology so that they have the courage to change the world.