Science experiment kits for kids.

We deliver quality science experiment kits for children enriched with AR mobile app so our young creators of future can explore new horizons while having fun.

Science for kids

Join the scientific adventure with our experiment kits for children that are based on STEM and enriched by augmented reality mobile app.


Science boxes

Our experiments were created by real scientists with a careful eye from parents. We provide them in the form of monthly subscriptions.


Augmented reality app

Dedicated AR app uses the advantages of modern technology to support young minds on their scientific path.


Enhanced learning

We follow scientific data and our parenting experience while creating solutions that are smart and at the same time provide lots of fun.

SmartBee Club scientific projects

Convenient monthly subscription that you have under full control. Delivered monthly, each box contains all the necessary components plus lots of science facts and curiosities. AR card that enriches the experience by working with our mobile application is added to chosen kits . Thanks to the use of mobile technologies, we optimize the model of providing knowledge to children by involving many senses and cognitive processes.

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Science experiments for kids

Our science kits for children aim to disenchant science so you can spend time learning and playing together.

  • SmartBee science kits for children were developed by Polish scientists and parents thinking about the future of their children. Fun and learning attributes were thoroughly tested by kids.
  • They are safe and meet the European Union legal requirements when it comes to science kits for children.
  • Our science boxes for children help parents develop children’s potential, stimulate creativity and curiosity.
  • The application of the STEM methodology opens up incredible opportunities for users to explore the world and satisfy their curiosity.
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'Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Let me do it and I will understand.' Confucius

Fun in the world of science

There is no better way to interest young people in science than to show them that it can be fun and enjoyable. Motivation resulting from joy and the opportunity to discover scientific facts will help to gain self-confidence and courage. That`s why we created our science boxes that guarantee easy science for kids. Join our community and #UnboxCuriosity with us!

Science Technology Engineering Math

We help parents develop the potential of their children by using the STEM methodology so that they have the courage to change the world.

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Science experiment kits for kids